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The Cumin Club Palak Paneer Instant Curry + Rice Sides Bundle




About the product

  • BUNDLE VALUE: 5 complete Palak Paneer meals together with 6 sides of Cumin Rice.
  • PALAK PANEER: A beloved Indian menu item all around the world! This flavorful dish is made with Indian cottage cheese cubes in a smooth spinach base, with tomatoes providing a tangy twist.
  • CUMIN RICE: Our fragrant, fluffy, and shelf-stable instant rice is a great substitute for regular rice and also a great pairing option with one of our Cumin Club mains. We source the finest ingredients to deliver a high quality rice that is healthy.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Quality is our highest priority! From detailed onboarding and regular kitchen visits to taking each and every customer complaint seriously, our quality control team ensures that your meals meet a high-quality standard. Strict preparation guidelines ensure freshness in our ready made Indian food.
  • HEALTHY MEALS: Even while you are away from home, Cumin Club brings you healthy homemade food. These Indian meals are made with natural ingredients, without additives or preservatives & kept fresh with our freeze-dry technology.

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