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Office Goods Moves

Storage Box, the leading storage and removals company in Dubai, provides a wide range of removal and storage services.

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With our office goods movers service in Dubai, you won’t have to worry about moving your office supplies.

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Using Our Office Goods Moves Company In Dubai For Peace Of Mind

Our office goods movers service in Dubai ensures a hassle-free transition for your office supplies. As you concentrate on your business priorities, rest assured that our dedicated team will manage all aspects of relocating your office furniture and equipment.

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience, our company specializes in ensuring a seamless office space relocation for our customers.

Recognizing the significance of a smooth and stress-free transition during a business move, we are committed to facilitating just that.

Choosing us as your office goods movers in Dubai comes with numerous advantages, including:

1. A team of experienced and professional movers, handling every aspect of your move with precision, from packing to loading onto the truck.

2. Competitive rates that align with your budgetary considerations.

3. Door-to-door service, eliminating the need for multiple trips between your old and new office spaces.

4. Convenient storage options for your belongings during the transition period.

5. Full insurance coverage and bonding, providing assurance that your belongings are protected in the event of accidents or damage during the move.

Trust us to provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for your office relocation needs.

Moving Your Office Supplies: Service Details and What to Expect

When it comes time to move your office supplies, you can count on our office goods moving company in Dubai to get the job done right.

We will work with you to determine the best way to move your supplies, and we will provide all of the necessary materials and equipment to ensure a smooth move.

We will also provide detailed instructions on packing and loading your supplies to arrive at their new destination safely and securely.

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  • Villa Moving
  • Company Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Loading Moving
  • Workplace Moving
  • Short Distance Moving
  • Moving and Packing Dubai


Possibilities of Replacing Damaged Office Material:

We comprehend the inherent stress of moving, considering the myriad concerns that occupy your thoughts, particularly the safety of your belongings. It’s easy to become overwhelmed during such transitions.

That’s why our company offers a unique solution by providing the option to replace any damaged office materials during the move.

Should anything break or sustain damage in the process, we commit to replacing it with new material, alleviating the worry of losing anything crucial. This feature is especially beneficial for those anxious about potential damages during the move.

Choosing this option provides peace of mind, assuring you that your belongings are well-protected throughout the entire relocation process.

Should you ever find yourself in need of a moving company, keep us in mind. We are here to ensure a smooth experience, taking care of both you and your belongings.

Where We Can Offer You Our Services:

For your office furniture or equipment moving needs in Dubai, look no further.

Welcome to Office Goods Moves Company, where we offer the essential services to ensure the swift, secure, and efficient relocation of your office furniture and equipment.

Recognizing the importance of a seamless office move, we guarantee that every aspect will be handled with precision and promptness, providing you with the peace of mind you seek during this transition.

That is why we offer a variety of services to meet your needs, including:

Free consultations to assess your needs and determine the best course of action
A wide range of services to choose from, including moving, packing, storage, and more
Flexible scheduling to work around your busy schedule
Experienced and professional movers who will take care of your belongings
Affordable rates that fit within your budget

Storage Units Size and Price Dubai

Storage Unit Size 20 sq ft 350 AED
Storage Unit Size 30 sq ft 472.50 AED
Storage Unit Size 40 sq ft 550 AED
Storage Unit Size 50 sq ft 735 AED
Storage Unit Size 60 sq ft 840 AED
Storage Unit Size 80 sq ft 1050 AED
Storage Unit Size 100 sq ft 1470 AED

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